Win Cooler
Adiabatic cooler

Win Cooler is an adiabatic cooler to cool small environment, with applications in many fields. It is an ecological and low cost solution, which functions according to the evaporation principle: the hot air passes through the damp evaporative panels inside the machine which cools it before releasing it in the environment. The Win Cooler is installed outside, in order to avoid cluttering small spaces. It finds application also in the civil sector

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Application fields

Zootechnics: Win Cooler is the ideal cooler for birth rooms, weaning room, brooding houses, hatcheries, and all those spaces which are not too large

Industry: Win Cooler well adapts to small workshops and laboratories, which needs cooling without occupying space

Civil: since it is suitable to cool small spaces, it applies to civil sector, such as in offices, public spaces, shopping centers. It is a cheaper and more ecological solution than the traditional ones

Installation and accessories

Win Cooler is installed externally, with cooled air inlet port on the inside of the building

The water collection tank drain is controlled with a timed switch

Main characteristics

Win Cooler is easy to install and consumes low electrical power, furthermore, it is an ecological cooling system as it exploits the natural principle of evaporation

The fan for cooled air inlet has three different speeds

The water collection tank is controlled by a timed switch, in order to avoid algae development and dirt accumulation

Starting the machine is very easy: it start automatically once it is connected to the electric power

Product details

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