Centrifugal Humidifier

The UCP centrifugal humidifier nebulises water or other solutions and combines the power of humidification with ease of installation.
Operating without nozzles it’s easier to keep clean.
The materials with which it’s built (polycarbonate, polyamide, ABS) suitable for working in almost all environment
guaranteed and durability.
It finds applications in industry, livestock, agriculture and in all situations where it is necessary to maintain a good level of humidity.
Coupled with medium and large fans and circulators, it is used as a cooler in farms and greenhouses.
Find applications within U.T.A.
In addition to functioning as a humidifier, it can be used for adiabatic cooling.

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Application fields

Livestock: to cool farms, stables, enclosures, spray disinfectants or to humidify hatcheries and chickens..

Agriculture: to humidify greenhouses, mushroom bed, germination chambers and to spray disinfestant treatments

Industry: responds to the need to maintain the level of humidity in environments such as cold rooms for storing fruit and vegetables,
maturing warehouses, paper, tobacco, wood and textile companies.

Installation and accessories

It can be installed in combination with most of the fans on the market, thanks to special accessory brackets.
The rotating disc for water atomization can covered with a metal protection grid.
It is used in the U.T.A. where it’s installed in line with the air flows (circulation or force ventilation).

Main characteristics

The shape and arrangement of the components inside allow for quick inspection and cleaning of the water collection tank.
The practical lid, in ABS, connects with the tank following the dynamic and modern design.
The float is made entirely of plastic. It is easy to disassemble and allows for quick adjustment.
The pump is housed through a quick coupling that facilitates its extraction for maintenance.
The water drain is made with a quick connection for 3/8 “rilsan pipes.
Optional balde off valve for timed drainage of the tank.
It works with the normal water pressure of the water supply (from 2 to 4 atm).
The motor is equipped with overheating protection.

Products details

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