UCP-fly- professional centrifugal cooler humidifier

The UCP-fly humidifier / cooler is a compact humidification unit that, with a single motor, ventilates and humidifies the air, reducing consumption and costs.
It nebulises up to 25 liters of water per hour and is well suited to small and medium-sized spaces intended for animal husbandry, agriculture and other production activities.
It can be used as an adiabatic cooler.
The portable version is available for disinfecting and cooling.

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Application fields

Livestock: as an adiabatic cooler to lower the temperature in animal enclosures or to spray disinfectants, to humidify hatcheries and chickens.
It constitutes an alternative to cooling with pressure nozzles or other adiabatic cooling systems.

Agriculture: to humidify greenhouses, mushroom beds and cold storage rooms. It can be used to spray disinfestant treatments.

Industry: in rooms where it is necessary to maintain a level of humidity, for example in cold rooms for storing fruit and vegetables,
in seasoning warehouses, in the paper and tobacco industries and in textile companies.

Installation and accessories

The UCP-fly is complete with brackets to be able to hang it from the ceiling.
It can be combined with a mobile unit complete with trolley and water tank to be able to move it easily.

Main characteristics

No nozzles mean less maintenance.
It’ss built in polypropylene, it does not undergo the corrosive action of water and acids.
Complete with recirculation pump, for the supply of water to the rotating disc.
The machine is equipped with a tank to collect the excess water.
The tank has a cap positioned on the bottom for manual or automatic discharge with the addition of a blade off valve.
Suitable for small to medium rooms.
The disc and the tub are easily cleaned with a damp cloth, no specific detergents are required.
All parts are easily removable for maintenance and cleaning.
The motor is equipped with overheating protection.

Product details

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