Circulator – humidifier

The UX is a machine with a UCP centrifugal humidifier combined with an air circulator: in this way it works as both a humidifier and a circulator, providing maximum flexibility of use.
Body and bolts in stainless steel for use in harsh environments.
It finds application in the field of animal husbandry, agriculture and industry and in all situations where it is necessary to ensure good air circulation.
The UX is also available in a mobile version with tank and pump for disinfection, cooling, humidification and dust suppression.

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Application fields

Livestock: for the cooling and humidification of large stalls, animal houses and farms, or for all situations where good air circulation is required

Agriculture: for greenhouses and indoor crops, for which it is necessary to maintain the right level of humidity and ventilation.

Industry: it finds applications in warehouses and workshops, where it is necessary to maintain humidity or cool.

Installation and accessories

The UX circulator / humidifier is suitable for medium and large spaces, it is equipped with eyelets for easy installation.
The machine is equipped with a large mesh disc protection grid for installation above 2.5m. A fine mesh grill is available on request.

Main characteristics

The UX humidifier works thanks to a rotating disk that nebulizes the water without nozzles for less maintenance,
it is only necessary to keep the disc and the water collection tank clean. No special cleaning agents needed, just wipe with a damp cloth.
The UX consists of a centrifugal humidifier and an air recirculation unit. Each of the parts is independent and works with its own engine,
for maximum flexibility of use.
The body of the part that houses the fan is in stainless steel.
The humidifier motor is equipped with overheating protection.

Product details