Roof Cooler
Adiabatic cooler

The Roof Cooler is an adiabatic cooler for large spaces. It has many applications: in the industrial field, for productive areas, workshops, animals breeding. It is an ecological solution which functions according to the evaporative principle, ensuring great results and limited costs.

There are different types of installation available for this product: on the roof, or on the side of the building.

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Application fields

Zootechnics: it is the ideal system for large stables and livestock. It is a non-invasive system and offers different types of installation to meet any need

Industry: Roof Cooler easily adapts to medium to large building, ensuring natural and ecological cooling, at a reduced costs

Installation and accessories

Roof Cooler can be installed on the roof, with bottom-side air inlet, on the building side wall, with either side air inlet or top air inlet.

The adiabatic cooler can be equipped with many accessories, such as: protective cover for cold season, tubes for air canalization, clamping systems, junction rings and so on

Main characteristics

The Roof Cooler is easy to install and it is a more ecologic cooling system than the traditional ones. It combines low costs with low electrical consumption

Thanks to its versatility, it well adapts to different kind of warehouses and buildings

It is made of a high-resistance plastic composite material

The Roof Cooler is equipped with a timed switch for water drainage, in order to avoid stagnant water, mineral salts accumulation, and algae formation

Product details