Professional humidifier

PH is the professional humidifier that produces very fine mist of superior quality suitable for small rooms. The dimensions are small, it fits perfectly in cellars,
dairies and cold rooms. It is available in three models, each with a different atomization capacity. The PH5 version can be ducted, allowing you to plug in
a pipe to the delivery mouth to convey the fog. The PH humidifier consists of a single body that includes the fan that conveys the air flow, the disk motor,
the rotating disc and the water collection tank.

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PH3 – Nebulizes up to 2.5 l / h of water, producing the finest mist in the PH range. The delivery mouth is circular and shielded from the inside, to minimize the release of large drops of water.

PH5 – This is the ductable version, it nebulises up to 5l / h of water. The round delivery port allows you to connect a Ø125mm pipe (recommended with a maximum length of 5m).
The humid air conveyed in this way can be used in the air conditioning channels, in the U.T.A., in hatcheries and in all where rooms inside which it is not possible
install the machine for reasons of space or safety.

PH7 – It is the version that nebulizes the greatest amount of water in the air, up to 7.5 l / h. The elongated rectangular outlet allows a greater escape of nebulized water.

Caratteristiche principali

It does not require any particular type of installation.
Maintenance is minimal and is limited to periodic cleaning of the water collection tank and disc.
It is made of polycarbonate, a very resistant plastic material.
Electricity consumption is minimal for all three versions of the PH professional humidifier.
The PH professional humidifier is supplied with special feet for support. If necessary, they can be disassembled to exploit the fixing holes.

Product details

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