Direct Fired Gas heater

It is a direct exchange hot air generator that runs on methane gas or LPG, designed and built to heat poultry stables.

The double walled body is made of galvanized steel coated with Magnelis® which guarantees its resistance to corrosion up to 10 times higher than any other galvanized steel.

They can be installed both inside and outside the ambiance to heat. They are easy to install and maintain.

Maximum efficiency, clean combustion, safety and durability.

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Fields of application

Livestock: ideal as a heating system for medium and large farms.

Installation and accessories

It can be installed inside or outside the space to heat. It is possible to choose whether to place
the inlets inside or outside the shed. The G-Max heater can be combined with deflectors to divert the heat flow.

Main characteristics

The G-Max heater works with natural gas and LPG at low pressure.
Maintenance is simple, the side door allows access to the inside of the machine for periodic inspection and cleaning.

Product details