Waterborne aerothemal heating unit

The AP-Max heating unit is a heating system which exploits hot water to heat the environment. It is designed for large facilities. The machine external structure is made of polypropylene, a light material, resistant to chemical agents, which makes the AP-Max suitable for any application. The heat exchanger is composed of copper pipes and aluminum plates, easy to clean and to maintain
The materials chosen and the cataphoresis treatment make the AP-Max suitable to work in any environment: they are resistant to acids and corrosion and are easy to clean and dispose.
They are an ecological solution, particularly suitable for those facilities having hot process water or water heated by a boiler available.

Ap Max vertical installation
AP installation in a poultry livestock
AP Max installation
AP Max vertical positioning
Supporting bracket for AP Max
AP Max side view
Air flow direction in the vertical AP Max
Air circulation in a horizontal AP-Max
AP Max measures
AP-Max vertical disposition
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Application fields

Zootechnics: it can be used in poultry or pigs livestock. In large facilities it is possible to opt for an horizontal installation, for a better heat distribution

Agriculture: it is used to heat greenhouses and mushroom farms

Industry: the AP Max series can raise the facilities temperature using hot process water or water heated by a boiler

Installation and accessories

It is possible to choose between vertical and horizontal installation.

As for the first installation method, the AP-Max is equipped with a heat diffusor plate, which distributes the heated air at a wide angle of 360°. This kind of installation prevents air stratification and contributes to an homogeneous temperature regulation from zone to zone

The horizontal installation requires a supporting clamp to fix the AP-Max on the ceiling. The horizontal installation allows heat uniform distribution and air circulation in the facility

Main characteristics

The external structure is in polypropylene, an ecological, hygienic and resistant material

The heat exchanger is composed by copper pipes and aluminum plates with greater thickness and pitch. It is easy to extract and clean.

The cataphoresis treatment on the heat exchanger battery ensures durability in time and protection against chemical agents

The AP-Max is provided with 6-pole, mono or three-phase axial fans, with pre-wired capacitor and IP54 degree of protection

All AP-Max versions works with hot water

The Ap-Max can be installed in serie to ensure the maximum heat distribution

Product detail