Unit Heaters

The AP-Max air heater is a heating system that works with hot water, designed for large rooms. The external structure is made in polypropylene, a light and chemically resistant material, suitable for all environments. The heat exchanger is made of copper pipes and aluminum lamellas with increased spacing and thickness, easy to clean and maintain.
The materials and the cataphoresis paint treatment of the heat exchanger make the AP-Max resistant to corrosion, acids and easy to clean.


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Fields of application

Livestock: it can be used in poultry or pig farms. In very long sheds it is possible to install it
horizontally (fan jet) for optimal heat distribution.

Agriculture: it is used to heat greenhouses and mushroom farms.

Industry: the AP Max is used in large environments such as factories and workshops.

Installation and accessories

There are two types of installation for the AP-Max: vertical and horizontal.
In the first case, the AP-Max is completed with a heat diffuser plate that helps distribute the heated air at 360 °.
This installation helps to destratify the air, allows a homogeneous distribution and regulation of the temperature zone by zone.
The horizontal installation provides a support bracket to hang it from the ceiling, allowing a uniform distribution of the heat and air circulation in the environment.

Main characteristics

The cataphoresis treatment on the heat exchanger battery ensures durability in time and protection against chemical agents.
The AP-Max is provided with 6-pole, mono or three-phase axial fans, IP54 degree of protection.
Maintenance and cleaning are simple, thanks to the stainless steel hinges that allow easy opening.
The motors have insulation class F and are complete with thermal protection and automatic reset.
AP-Max water heaters are installed in series in large halls.

Product details