Unit Heaters/Coolers

The AP is a hot water heating unit. It can be used as a cooler when used with cold water.
They are an ecological solution suitable to use in rooms where it is necessary to raise or lower the temperature.
Suitable to use in any environment thanks to its structure in polypropylene and the painting in
cataphoresis of the heat exchanger, for resistance to corrosion.

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Fields of application

Livestock: the AP represents the best solution for water heating for farms.

Agriculture: the AP is used in greenhouses and mushroom farms.

Industry and civil sector: it is used in gyms, showrooms, shopping centers, dairies, workshops.

Installation and accessories

The AP air heater is installed horizontally, accessories available for installation and PVC flow diverter.

Main characteristics

The heat exchanger is made of copper pipes and aluminum plates painted in cataphoresis with greater thickness and pitch, which make cleaning easier.
The fans are perfectly integrated into the machine thanks to the flat protection grid.
The electrical box includes a terminal block which simplifies the electrical connections.

Product details