Franco s.r.l. develops the best solutions for conditioning for the spaces intended for animals. These machineries applies to big livestock, especially poultry, pigs and bovines. In addition to these, there are smaller and more compact systems to manage smaller areas, such as delivery rooms, incubators rooms, weaning rooms. All solution are easy to install and requires little to no maintenance.


As for cooling, there are four adaptable solutions to different needs.

Big spaces

The ideal systems are the Roof Cooler and the UX. The former exploits the natural physical phenomenon of evaporation, which guarantees lower power consumption than the traditional air conditioning systems. As for the UX, it is a machinery which combines a humidifier with a ventilator, both with their own engine, to allow maximum flexibility of use. They are suitable for big poultry and pigs livestock.

Small places

For small places Franco s.r.l. designes the Win Cooler and the UCP fly. These machines operates in a similar manner to Roof Cooler and UX, respectively, but on a smaller scale. They are suitable for smaller rooms such ase delivery rooms, weaning rooms, hallways, and during the growing-finishing and fattening phase of the animals.


The UCP fly and UX can combine cooling with humidification function. In addition to these, there is the UCP. It is designed to work in smaller spaces, such us incubator rooms and brooding houses. Humidifiers work in combination with water for cooling, and can be used to nebulize disinfectants and other solution for the animals well-being.


As for spaces heating, Franco s.r.l. offers gas heating systems (methane and LPG) and waterborne heating systems.


The first system includes the G Serie and the G-Max machines, which combine high efficiency and low power consumption. Theay are intended for large environment, such as big stables and livestock. They do not represent a danger for animals since they are installed outside the building (as for G-Max) , or they are hanged on the ceiling (as for G Serie). The G Serie can also be used for simple air circulation.


The waterborn heaters are the AP Max and the AP. The former are solutions intended for large spaces and can be mounted in sequence to guarantee an excellent heat distribution, both in vertical and horizontal position. They are mainly used in poultry livestocks. The AP, on the other hand, is a small and compact solution for smaller environments. This heater can be fed with cold water and serve as cooler.


Last but not least there are the NW modular windows for ambiance ventilation. They suit well any kind of stables, no matter big or small. Three different kind of installation are available.

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