Franco s.r.l. offers different solutions for the industrial field. It develops solutions for temperature and humidity regulation in the workplaces, for better working conditions. The machineries can be suitable for industrial warehouses, cellars, cheese factories, artesanal workshops and textile industry.


As for cooling, the machinery intended for the industrial field are the Roof Cooler and the UCP fly.

Big spaces

The first system is suitable for big warehouses. It is an adiabatic cooler, with evaporative panels mounted inside its structure. Thanks to the evaporation, the air cools down and then it is conveyed inside the building. It is a cheaper and more ecological way to cool spaces than the traditional methods for air conditioning. It is easy to install on the roof or on the side walls.

Small places

The UCP fly is a cooler and humidifier, which combines a fan for air circulation with humidification, which helps lower the temperature. It is suitable for medium-size workshops and workplaces.


Other than the UCP fly, the second machine designed for industrial humidification is the PH. This machinery is intended for small-size environments, and it guarantees a high-quality fog. It is ideal for small workshops, especially in the textile, paper, tobacco and wood industry.


As for heating, it is possible to choose between two waterborne heaters.

The waterborn heaters consist of the AP Max and the AP. The AP Max is suitable for big spaces and industrial warehouses. It is possible to install it horizontally or vertically. The AP is suitable for small spaces, such as workshops and cheese factories. It is also possible to use is as a cooler, if combined with cold water.


As for windows, Franco s.r.l. designed the NW products. They are polycarbonate and aluminum panels, which can be mounted in three different layouts, according to the warehouse dimension and the client needs. All NW windows are available with both manual and automatic opening.

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