Thanks to Franco s.r.l. machinery it is possible to adjust temperature and humidity in the agriculture field. Franco s.r.l. projected a series of solution to adjust and maintain the ideal climate inside greenhouses, mushroom farms, germination rooms, to ensure good yields of the crops. Franco s.r.l. machinery can also be useful along the storage and the distribution chain, as they can be used in refrigeration rooms and in the fresh food area in supermarkets.


Cooling and humidification are ensured by a series of adiabatic coolers and umidifiers.

Greenhouses, mushroom farms and indoor cultivations

The first two machine are the UX and the UCP: they combine a great atomization with easy installation. The former is a combination of a humidifier and an air circulation system. It is recommended for those cases in which a good air renewal is needed; the latter has a greater atomization capability and can be used as adiabatic cooler.

Refrigerating rooms, germination rooms, fresh produce stands

The other two humidifier machines are the UCP fly and the PH. They are both indicated for small rooms. The first combines humidification and cooling and it can be mounted on a mobile unit. Furthermore it has application also in the civil fields, as it can be used on terraces, amusement parks, outdoor areas.

The latter is the PH humidifier, It can nebulize up to 7,5L of water , depending on the model. It is possible to mount a pipe on the machine outlet to convey the fog, it is therefore possible to use it to humidify those spaces where it is not possible to install the machine inside for space or safety matters.

Humidifying systems can be used to nebulize disinfection treatments on the plants.


The AP waterborn aerothermal heater can be used in the agriculture field to keep a constant temperature in flowers and vegetables greenhouses to promote their growing. In case of larger greehouse, it is better to use the AP Max, for a greater heat radiation.

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