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The centrifugal humidifier UCP joins power of humidification and ease of installation. Moreover, by working without nozzles, it is not subject to clogging by impurities and limestone. The water pressure required is the one of normal hydrical supply (from 2 to 6 atm). The centrifugal humidifier UCP is employed in various fields: In industrial sector the machine …


The humidifier/cooler UCPfly is the result of the combination of a centrifugal nebulizer and a fan. Both devices are powered by the same engine, reducing machine's size, power consumption and cost of installation/maintenance. The centrifugal humidifier UCPfly is employed in various fields: In industrial sector the machine is installed in places where it is necessary to …


Professional Humidifier PH Low installation and managing costs High application flexibility Very light mist Low power consumption No nozzles Made of plastic material APPLICATION AREAS: Greenhouses and mushrooms farms; Industry; Zootechny; Civil. View the user manual View the brochure Enquire about this product.
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