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Wir entwickeln und herstellen Systeme für die die Befeuchtung, Erfrischung, Lüftung und Heizung.

Immer das perfekte Klima für Ihre Wünsche


The humidifier/cooler UCPfly is the result of the combination of a centrifugal nebulizer and a fan. Both devices are powered by the same engine, reducing machine's size, power consumption and cost of installation/maintenance. The centrifugal humidifier UCPfly is employed in various fields: In industrial sector the machine is installed in places where it is necessary to …

Serie G

G Series G Series are hot air generators using LPG or natural gas. They work by direct combustion and low pressure. The hot air that is heated by thermal energy during the combustion is sent directly in the environment to be heated together with the products of combustion. This allows to use fully the thermal power and to obtain the …

Roof Cooler

Cooler for large environments Roof cooler Low cost and easy installation Low power consumption Environmentally friendly Useful for a wide range of applications Composit plastic material high strenth Ducting possibility Application ares: industry greenhouses and mushroom farms zootechny View the user manual View the brochure Enquire about this product

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