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Climate solutions for poultry houses

Always the best climate for your farm needs

UX - Humidifier and Cooler
AP max - hot water heater
UCP - centrifugal humidifier atomizer
G Serie - Heating by LPG and Natural Gas
UCPfly - humidification and cooling
Gmax - LPG or Natural gas heater outside installation design

Have a look at our solutions!


The AP-max is an innovative solution because of the polypropylene main structure. The technical choice of this material and the treatment with cataphoresis of the heat exchanger make this product useful in many fields and all environments, as they are resistant to corrosion and acids, hygienic and easy to recycle. They are an ecological solution, …

G Max

G Max
They are PLG or natural gas hot air generators designed and built for large environments. They ensures maximum efficiency, clean combustion, high reliability and long duration. They are a perfect solution for heating harsh environments. The bodywork, double walled and made in galvanized steel with a special coating in Magnelis®, ensures …


The humidifier/cooler UCPfly is the result of the combination of a centrifugal nebulizer and a fan. Both devices are powered by the same engine, reducing machine's size, power consumption and cost of installation/maintenance. The centrifugal humidifier UCPfly is employed in various fields: In industrial sector the machine is installed in places where it is necessary to …
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