Insect farming – our experience with Hermetia Illucens

Franco S.r.l. is pleased to announce that, thanks to the collaboration with the University of Turin, we have developed an efficient technology for farming some of the most promising species in the sector.

Currently, our own production helps us enhance our know-how in many aspects of the production, and in particular in ventilation and air-conditioning systems.


We strongly believe that this sector will grow exponentially in the near future, also thanks to the changes that will occur in the European Union regulations for the use of insects for feeding the animals and for human alimentation. Therefore, our experience in the field would be an added value for our company.





On the 2nd of March 2017 took place in Grugliasco a seminar named INSECT4FEED, organized by the Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences  of the University of Turin.

The topic of the day was the use of Hermetia Illucens in zootechnics, as a food for the different types of farming (fish, poultry, pig).

Franco Srl took part in the seminar explaining our experiences about the problems and possible solutions in the Soldier Fly farming.

In the following video, you can listen the intervention of Alberto Franco during the seminar.



Hereunder is a short list of links that may be useful to increase your knowledge about this emerging sector.

EDIBLE INSECT – Future prospects for food and feed security – FAO – Free E-book

ENTOMOFAGO – One of the most important online magazine specialized in the field. It collects interviews with firms and researchers from Europe and beyond. In Italian.

ALL ABOUT FEED – A section of the online magazine “All About Feed” that collects news from all over the world about the insect industry.

A special acknowledgment to the collaboration and the research work of Dr. Marco Meneguz and Dr. Alberto Zamprogna (who allowed us to use the pictures showed in this article).